Friday, 28 August 2009

Picture diary

A little flavour of Queretaro:

1. Outside my fancy hotel, Sunday morning

2 & 3: The road the school is on - one of the busiest in Qro, and not one of the prettiest.

4. The name of my street. Can anyone pronounce it?

5. The street itself. Weather has been gorgeous all week. Hot and sunny but not ridiculous.

6. The front of the house. In my experience of L America, big fences out front = nice neighbourhood. This is no exception. Every time I pass someone on the street they say hello. (And one day I will find out definitively why it is they paint the bottom of the trees white...)

7. The little patio/courtyard inside the house.

8. Mike's very good-natured dog, Roddy.

9 & 10 ...not as cute as little Henry in London, is he?

Look! He's got a "Learner" plate and everything! Now THAT is comedy for you.

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