Sunday, 25 January 2009

6,000 down, 1,000 to go (roughly)

It's a very quiet Sunday in Bolivia. Today the country goes to the polls to vote (mostly "yes") in a referendum to change the constitution. It is such an important vote that it makes the international front page of (Of course, not that we Lateen Americans care what Europeans think... but really, amigo, ¿ees on the front page?!)

It is also such an important vote that just about everything is closed today in Santa Cruz, including most restaurants and all but this internet café, it seems. Apparently, this is part of Bolivian electoral law, along with a bizzarre rule which bans campaigning in the two days before the vote. So all this week I've seen demonstration after demonstration - mostly "no" voters as I happen to have been in the affluent part of Bolivia - but then Friday and Saturday were weirdly quiet.

Anyway, my achievement on this quiet day, when I couldn't even find a place showing Liverpool v Everton (imagine!) is this: a map I've been meaning to draw for a while with my route so far and the last bit I plan to do this week...


Richard Smith said...

Very clever how you draw that map. You must show me how to do it when you get home. We're all looking forward to seeing you.

jim said...

that looks like you are leaving without going further south than the good airs.

Massive error. I have a wealth of travel bore stories about the magnificent Argentine capital and the south of the country all ready to be dispensed when required.

James Smith said...

Who is that? Jamie?

Please crack out your tips on BA, the north of Arg and Uruguay. i am planning to make a trip out of BA but sadly don't have the time (and by that I mean money) to head to the south.

I will add it to my list of reasons to come back to South America (along with Machu Picchu, Brazil, Galapagos etc etc)

jim said...

facebook message will be winging its way to your inbox re:arg/uruguay soonish